FROM THE ROOT: Is This The Opportunities For The Great And New Nigeria That Nigerians Have Hoped For? (Photos)

FROM THE ROOT: Is This The Opportunities For The Great And New Nigeria That Nigerians Have Hoped For? (Photos)

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In a bid to curb poverty, illiteracy and further promote the values of innovations and self-sustainable Economical drives – “From The Root” has been brought to the forefront as an avenue to snowball a positive change development through basic economic sectors Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, Technology, politics and Craftsmanship.
From The Root TV (FTR TV) will be premiering the first ever Nigerian grassroots TV Show that creates Job and Investment opportunities for Millions of Nigerian youths. The show is a new experience that productively links Nigerian Celebrities Public Figures with their fans globally.

The show will house various personalities, both in Sports, Politics, Music, Acts, and ICT. The idea is an indigenous progression that brings you closer to your role models for the inspiration, drive and information needed to ascertain success in various sectors for national growth.

In each episodes, lot of promising and innovative insight on how to support, encourage future leaders in their sectors achieve their goals from experience. To help build a bright and promising national future.

The Celebrity guest can pledge to support a Nigerian in their field, and a well calculated raffle will be done on the Nigerian that wins the opportunity to gain a helping hand in his or her crafts or ideas. It is a direct link to give back to the society and promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Also aimed to promote peace, unity and agreement, for calculating and executing a positive plan for the desired positive change in our society with togetherness. Via a group/community on Facebook that can accommodate over a billion people. For open discussions aimed at identifying major problems and issues or challenges within communities or regions, and also relate possible solutions to eradicate identified challenges. And submit to adiquate office for execution.

(create and register a political party, appoint a political candidate under agreement to execute laid out solutions by the platform). To help promote and provide a true positive change from the root in various sectors for a new and great Nigeria.

15k-20k JOB OPPORTUNITIES for part-time or full time networking jobs to earn up to 200k-400k or more in a month across the nation. With the minimum requirement of just a smart phone. To grow businesses and careers.
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